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Over 250 matching grants were distributed to sports teams across Canada to help keep kids in the game.

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AFC 2008 Girls OPDL

Aurora, ON

The AFC 2008 Girls OPDL team consists of 14 girls who are graduating from elementary school this year. Half of the girls on the team have been playing together for over 4 years. They are a close-knit team with supportive parents that want the best for their child and for the team. In December of last year, we held a fundraiser for the Yellow Brick house, a place for abused women and children in York Region. Parents anonymously donated funds and the girls were tasked to purchase items for mothers and children at the local Walmart in Aurora. By raising over $1300, the girls were put into small groups of 3 or 4 and were given a divided amount of money. This gave them the opportunity to budget their money, find items on sale, prioritize their purchases, and work as a team. Most importantly, they are supporting and empowering mothers and children that need assistance. This grant will help us to have another opportunity to give back to our community. We will donate school supplies for the upcoming school year in September or possibly have another event where we would support the Yellow Brick House again. On behalf of our team, we would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to tell our story and for your support of sports and teams.

Inter U15 Boys Menjivar

Edmonton, AB

Our U15 boys are a talented group of soccer players. They would use the grant money to travel to a showcase tournament in September where many members of our team could get attention from scouts and/or post-secondary recruiters. Some of our players come from low-income families and/or countries with internal strife. We are hopeful attending this tournament would get many of these young men chances for brighter futures they would not otherwise have. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

U15 BB Clarington Flames

Newcastle, ON

We are the U15 BB Clarington Flames team for the 2022-23 season! We are an energetic, hockey loving group of girls who never give up, always fight, and love to give back to our community. Every year, our teams make the effort to do something to give back to our community and put a smile on some else's face. As we are sure you aware, the world has become a very expensive place and training has become very expensive too. Also, in a world where women's hockey isn't given the same opportunity as men's hockey, our team has to work harder and fight stronger to compete in a world geared towards men. We are so grateful to receive the grant as it will really help our team in many ways. One way in particular is it can help our coaching staff hire other professionals to help our girls train and live up to our potential. This includes others more than just on ice training. We have dryland training, hiring of a nutritionist, providing mental health resources, and over all conditioning. Extra funds will also allow us to do more activities with the younger girls in our association, helping to keep the passion alive for many other generations. Our girls are at that critical age where things can go either way and keeping our girls in sports can help them immensely. Fitness, healthy habits, healthy self esteem, belonging to a group, and forming good relationships are all critical pieces that these girls need, and comes with a cost. A cost that isn't always do able on fees alone.

Durham Attack Venom

Whitby, ON

The Durham Attack Venom team will use the grant money to help offset costs to travel to Edmonton, Alberta to participate in the U16 National Volleyball Championships at the end of May 2022. "Durham Attack - 16U Boys and Girls teams both competed in the National Volleyball Championship in Edmonton over the May 24th long weekend. While in Edmonton, the players saw first hand the homeless problem in Edmonton. The team players and parents all pitched in and were able to raise $900 for the Hope Mission in Edmonton. The $100 Grant will be added to that total ($1000 raised) and help support the communities where we get the privilege to play in. #DurhamAttackCares is our give back program.

U15A de Central York

Aurora, ON

U15A Central York Girls Hockey team is made up of an amazing group of young athletes. These 17 girls put their heart and soul onto the ice as they endeavoured many tryouts to get their spot on this team. Already as a team in their first few weeks of being together they are working towards team goals, have volunteered in the community, skated with focus and more. This grant will be used towards tournament fees, training, ice time and materials/equipment needed for those in need.

EMC Canucks AAA

Komoka, ON

The EMC Canucks AAA Hockey team is excited to enter the 2022/2023 season with new branding and a new name! After 29 seasons the team name has been changed from the Chiefs to the Canucks. This team represents 17 hardworking athletes that have kept their focus in place through the turbulence of the past 2 seasons. They have demonstrated tenacity, patience and love for the sport as they have seen shut downs, modified play and outdoor training in the snow. They are back in full force and ready to compete. Each player’s perseverance has earned them a spot to wear the new logo. The $100 grant will have a great impact towards helping the team in their efforts to fundraise to pay for their new jerseys with the Canucks logo. This is just one of many expenses that are being incurred by families due to the name change. This group has been very active in using their platform within the community through various initiatives including Bell Let’s Talk, food/gifts for the Ronald McDonald House, London Food Bank, donations to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Every Child Matters to give back. We believe that the gift of sport provides opportunity for character building both on and off the ice. They look forward to having the opportunity to further support organizations this season. The U14 EMC Canucks wear their logo with pride and look forward to representing the Home Hardware brand with the same integrity.

Celt-X Robotics, FRC 5406

Hamilton, ON

We build 125lb robots that travel at 15 ft/s and play a 3 on 3, full contact, 'sport' on a basketball sized field. We were recently semi-finalists at the World Championship. Our team would be using these funds to purchase material used to make new robot designs. Our students were captivated by some of the robot designs that they saw at the World Championship and are eager to begin exploring new designs of their own that will be even more competitive in the next season. Our team meets 12 months a year, and we dedicated over 5000 person-hours building this seasons' robot. Our team consistently ranks in the top 1-2% in the world! Unlike many traditional sports, robotics fosters gracious professionalism - competing as hard as you can on the field, but then helping your opponents off the field. It is one of the few 'sports' where every participating student has the opportunity to make it their career.

Cambridge U15A

Cambridge, ON

As we head into a new hockey season, it’s our teams goal to enter into a big tournament across the country. We would like to rent a bus for the team and their families to make this a really special trip. After two years of altered hockey seasons due to COVID, it would make this year extra special and one the girls will remember for a lifetime! Any sponsorships and grants we can receive will go towards the tournament fees and bus! To watch how some of the centres for girls hockey have collapsed this year - more girls are moving centres. Our team Cambridge U15A team showed up to all the tryouts and worked their butts off! We would use the funds for a team building activity this summer to integrate all the families! Thank you for this opportunity!!

Leduc Track Club

Leduc, AB

Started in 1979, our club has a long history of success with athletes from our club who are consistently selected for Provincial and National teams. We have sent athletes to the National Junior and Senior Championships, Commonwealth Games, Francophone Games, World Youth, Junior and Cross Country Championship. Many of our athletes are offered scholarships to attend Canadian & US Colleges/Universities. We offer optimum competitive opportunities for ALL athletes regardless of age and ability. Current club members range in age from 6-21and represent and compete in all events of track and field. Athletes travel to competitions throughout the province and into Saskatchewan and British Columbia on a regular basis. Our clubs philosophy has always been to develop athletes to their highest potential by providing certified coaching and financial support. The Grant funding will be used for equipment used by all athletes in the club. Discus, hurdles, shot puts, and a new timing device are all on the Club’s current wish list.

Cole Harbour Comets U13 White

Dartmouth, NS

This group of U15 girls have been together for 5 years now playing rep/travel girls softball. They travel throughout Atlantic Canada playing in tournaments. This year we are travelling to Montreal for a tournament and it's the furthest we've gone. These girls train year round and work hard. We will use the money towards training costs for the team.