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Discover the inspiring stories of our grant recipients and the way the Play More Matching Grant helped them to keep playing the game they love.

Over 750 matching grants were distributed to sports teams across the US to help keep kids in the game.

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Hear stories from some of the teams that received the Play More Matching Grant.

2010 Arizona Bobcats

Chandler, AZ

Ice hockey in the desert is a very expensive sport; keeping ice conditions perfect when outside temperatures reach 120º is not cheap!  Because of this, our league fees only cover basic costs, any tournaments we attend are extras that we have to cover separately as a team.  On average, "extra" costs run about $1500/player, which is not easy for many families to come up with (about 1/3 of our players are given need-based financial assistance by the program).  In order to cover these out-of-pocket expenses, our team relies heavily on fundraising.  This grant money will help our team reach it's annual goal of approximately $24,000; every contribution, no matter how small, gets us closer to our making our season a great one!

Brentwood Blast 9u

Brentwood, CA

Our team is made up of 8 and 9 year olds out of Brentwood, Ca. We have been a team since August of 2021 and sure do love the game of baseball and the family our Blast team has created. We will use this grant money to help offset the cost of our big 4 day tournament coming up this summer in Reno Nevada. Our boys are looking forward to staying together, playing together, and making lasting memories. Put the team together as my sons team he had played for broke up. And I didn't want him to get put on new team after new team. So I decided to become a coach, 4years later still coaching the team. We will use the money to pay for tournaments, so the parents can keep there money to pay for raising costs of everything. This team is a working man's team. So I will use this money to help pay for tournaments. So the parents can use there money for necessities.

Ice Cadettes

Paramount, CA

Our team of ice skaters come from a low socio economic area in Southern California. We encourage girls to be fit and healthy through ice skating with their teammates. These girls are dreaming about their futures as they develop tools for success in their educations friendships while being active in ice skating. Our home ice arena just closed after 82 years of business. The owners were very supportive in helping our teams thrive. Now us coaches are trying to fundraise to off set the expensive ice rental fees to keep the team thriving. Currently we are running our program at a $500 a month deficit. All of us coaches are volunteering our time to make our 2 teams continue this season. The Ice Cadettes are on their 8th year and now our former skaters are in college. This is a huge accomplishment as we believe our program helps these girls stay focused and move toward their educational goals. We will use our grant money to pay for our ice rental fee of $375 a week at a neighboring facility to help keep our skaters on the ice. Parents have all been through very difficult times as well as the skaters. These kids love being on the ice and we need to find ways to keep the 33 skaters thriving.

Seattle United B09 Copa

Seattle, WA

Our soccer club provides financial assistance to all players who would like to play competitive, select-level soccer in the Pacific Northwest. The club will cover team fees and uniform for any families who apply. However, most of the team travel and other team expenses are not covered. This includes airfare, hotel fees, and sometimes even replacing worn out cleats. We have been using FlipGive to raise extra funds for our team that can be used on helping financial aid players travel or with funding overall social team events so that all players are able to attend without feeling like their families cannot afford it. This year, we hope to attend the 2022 Surf Cup competition in San Diego. This takes place in early August. Thank you for your support!

Carolina Elite TKO

Hampstead, NC

We are team Senior TKO with the Carolina Elite Athletics gym located in Hampstead NC. This is All Star cheer and everything is so expensive when it comes to this sport. We have started FlipGive to help offset the costs of team bondings. We would like the girls to enjoy each other and get to know one another. The more they click the better they will perform on the mat. We have some fun bonding trips scheduled and didn’t want the extra cost to be out into the families.

Heat FC 05 ECNL

Henderson, NV

We are a women's 05 soccer team from Las Vegas. The pandemic hit our team hard. Most parents work in the casino industry so we had a lot of families lose their job. Soccer was on pause for a while and the girls were eager to start playing again. We have almost finished our season and hope to qualify for playoffs in Seattle. The cost is high and we would like to boost our fundraising. FlipGive has been great for our team. We gave used the funds to help offset costs of plane tickets, hotel rooms and team dinners. Our families appreciate all the support. We are hoping to boost the buying power and make some additional funds as we end our season. We have had some bad luck with injuries 5 ACL injuries and that had put a financial burden on the team. We will continue to use FlipGive and hope we qualify for the matching grant. Thank you for your support!

The Herd 9U

Bridgewater, VA

The Herd 9U is a community based, travel baseball organization out of Bridgewater, VA. We have 11 players on our roster. Each player is kind, hard working, talented and has an unparalleled love of the game. The Herd wouldn't be possible without the efforts of our volunteers. If we were awarded the grant money, we would purchase a set of catcher's gear.

Colerain Women's Basketball

Cincinnati, OH

This is my first year as the Colerain Girls Basketball coach. I am starting off with a program budget of zero. The girls have responded great to me as the new coach. They are coming to summer workouts and have positive attitudes. The grant money is going to be used towards the cost of analytic film software for us to use after our games. This will help us with identifying and attacking our strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for your consideration.

Rox Irvine 12UG

Irvine, CA

Our team, Rox Baseball 12U, is raising money for our once in a lifetime trip to Cooperstown NY this summer. Any bit helps offset the expence of the trip and entry fees. We have several families that are finding this trip to be a real challange to pay for, so the other families are fundraising for them.

Sadie's dance

Palm Coast, FL

We are a team comprised of 63 dancers ranging in age from 7-18. Our dancers are very dedicated and passionate about dance and many of our dancers are in the studio everyday to gain a competitive edge. Whether it be learning new across skills, technique, or flexibility, these kids always give 110%. I would love to give them an extra special end of the year group bonding experience to reward them for all of their hard work.